Air sampling heads (inlet)

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Inlet Gas with controller

We make air sampling heads (inlets) for the sampling of Reactive Gases and Atmospheric Aerosols to be installed at climate/environmental and air quality observatories.

These air intake systems reflect the ACTRIS and WMO/GAW guidelines for both materials and flow characteristics.
Aerosol inlets, made of stainless steel, have a laminar flow, while those for gases, made of Teflon, have a flow that allows an air residence time in the tube of about 2 seconds.
However, these flows are user-settable for non-standard sampling.

Our inlets have a control unit that not only reads the sampled air temperatures and humidity but also keeps the airflow constant at the chosen value regardless of wind conditions.

Our pick-up heads have very low power consumption (~5W) because they do not make use of energy-intensive pumps, so they can be used even in places where electricity supply is limited.

Articolo New “Smart” Systems for Atmospheric Aerosol and Reactive Gas Sampling in Ambient Air

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